About Kuma Station

Welcome to Kuma Station!

We are Tomomi and Danny. Active, adventure seeking couple based in Tokyo! We are not travel nomads; Just two normal people, working full time jobs and love to travel and explore during their days off. Danny has lived in Japan for several years while Tomomi is born and raised there. 

During our time here, we have explored various parts of the country, from the winter lands of Hokkaido, all the way down to the summer paradise in Okinawa. We decided to start Kuma Station as a way to share our Japan experiences and advice in hopes of it being useful to those that are looking to travel here and inspire others!

About Tomomi

Tomomi was born and raised in a small town called Hirosaki in Aomori Prefecture. She loves the small yet vibrant community in Hirosaki, but she felt that she needed to experience more of the world, so she became the first in her family to live outside of Aomori. 

After graduating college, Tomomi moved to Chiba to start her nursing career. While living here, she spent half of her free time exploring different parts of Japan, and the other half exploring Disneyland (one of her main reasons for choosing Chiba). 

During her time in Chiba, she’s taken the opportunity to explore more and more places. She loves to go on road trips in Japan with her Fiat and wants to travel to other countries as well!

About Danny

Danny was born in South Korea, but moved to California at the age of 5. Growing up, he’s always had an interest in traveling, but it’s always been a “one day I’ll do it” type of thought. 

During college, he realized that he’s lived in California for most of his life, so he made the decision to live in Asia afterwards. After living in Korea for almost a year, he moved to Tokyo after finding a job as a data analyst. 

It wasn’t until he moved to Tokyo where he started committing more to his passion for travel. In his first year alone, he’s already been to 5 cities in Japan and 5 other countries! He hopes to continue to explore different places he’s never been before!